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About Us
Community Action for Development (CAD) is a small conservation and development non-governmental organization working with local populations, particularly women and youths in Cameroon. CAD was founded and legally registered in 2003 by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, via Prefectoral Order No: 480/A/G42/162/PS as an apolitical and non-profit making organization. CAD is seeking to reduce poverty and improve the living conditions of marginalized and poverty-stricken populations through economic empowerment and diversification, biodiversity conservation and environmental management. CAD depends on the support from her members, individuals, volunteers and national and international donor organizations. 
Our target groups include: women, unemployed youths and school drop outs, students, peasant farmers, hunters, forest management committees, schools and councils.

Our Mission and Goals
CAD’s mission is to work for a world in which underprivileged persons benefit from socio-economic development opportunities to increase self-sufficiency.  Our goal is to strengthen local capacities through education, extension and the development and promotion of activities that support both local livelihoods and biodiversity conservation. This goal is achieved through the initiation of development actions that would improve the living conditions of local people; promotion of the proper use of natural resources as well as fostering community health education. Key activities to accomplish the aforementioned goals and specific objectives are in the area of:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture(Food & cash crop production via agroforestry, Organic gardening, Beekeeping, Snail farming, Livestock farming and support to the formation of common Initiative Groups and Cooperatives)
  2. Natural Resources Management(Conservation Education, Policy Dissemination, Community Rights, Campaigns on Bushmeat, Nursery Establishment, Tree planting, NTFP domestication and environmental education in primary schools).
  3. Community Health Education(HIV/AIDS and Malaria Education, Hygiene and Sanitation and potable water)
  Our approach
Our organisation’s approach to development and conservation work is participatory. Some of the participatory methods employed in our work with local communities include education and training, campaigns, extension, workshops, field visits, village meetings, information exchange, projects and strategic planning.

  • -Name-
  • -Epiekome Philip
    -Ekome Stephen
    -Mrs. Epolle Anna
    -Mrs. Catherine Alloh
    -Simon Kang
    -Etone Linus Abwe
    -Etone Martin Ngonde
    -Mesumbe Fidelis Ngeh
  • -Position-
    -Financial Secretary
    -Technical Adviser
  • -Affiliations-
    -Retired Postmaster
    -Accountant with Ministry of Finance
    -Grade I Teacher/Sec, Inspectorate of Basic Edu, Bgm
    -Teacher, CETIC Maroua
    -Teacher, GS Eboko Bajoh
    -Botanist, CAD Coordinator
    -Police Officer, Ministry of Defense


P.O. Box 85 Bangem,Kupe Muanenguba Division,S.W. Region,Cameroon. Reg No: 480/A/G42/162/PS,, Tel:(+237) 77 31 31 20, (+237) 96 02 32 99
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